The second instalment of the Hawkridge Distillers trio of the brands, The Blowing Stone tells the story of a curious stone that is perforated in such a way that it can be blown to create a booming sound across the valley in Compton, Berkshire. As the story goes, the stone was blown to call to arms the army of Alfred the Great to defeat the marauding Vikings in the Battle of Ashdown, some 1100 years ago. With the distillery only a stone's throw away, the story was a natural fit. 

The Blowing Stone has a special light sheen spray coating with texture FX, to give a shimmer stoney finish before a satin Anglo Saxon-inspired screen print is applied. Finally, beautiful uncoated paper stock labels at added over the top, which are finished with a silver metallic foil, tactile spot varnish, and embossing.

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