Brand and packaging re-design for Dorset's own Viper Gin, gin with a bite! Inspired by the dynamic sense of movement of the viper snake, the brand was refreshed to have a more premium and bespoke essence, making use of extremely intricate deboss and emboss finishes, as well as a satin silver metallic foil. With a flowing and tight colour system, the brand is now prepared for expansion into a wider range of flavoured gins and speciality finishes, each with a distinct vibrancy within the commonality of the brand. 

Viper Gin's journey began with an English wheat grain spirit and ten botanicals, producing our balanced and intriguing London Dry Gin. The name Viper was born as founder Carl Hankey was preparing a plot to grow botanicals in Dorset. Whilst clearing the long grass he came across a rare sight- A Viper! This seemed quite fortuitous, and the name stuck! Viper Gin- Gin with a bite!

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